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What did you like best about Conor McClorey Painting & Decorating?

The following are verbatim customer responses from research that American Ratings Corporation conducted between 06/09/2007 and 06/18/2007. Customer last names have been initialized for privacy.

“He acted as a consultant and matched the paint colors that we suggested. Overall, it was a good experience.” - Peter B.

“They were clean and professional. They came when they said they would and finished on time. They were also very good with their estimates. I use them as much as I can.” - Columba D.

“The quality of their work was great.” - Reno

“They are very trustworthy, fair, and reasonably priced.” - Annie C.

“They are great to work with and responsive. They cleaned up after themselves. Overall, it was a very good experience.” - Carol L.

“Their attention to detail.” - Cassie B.

“They were professional, wonderful, neat, and clean. They moved the furniture for me. The price range was great. I had no complaints. It was a fantastic experience.” - Jeannine D.

“Conor runs the company in a very professional manner, and he's great to work with. Their painting is great, but it's the patch work and final touches that makes them stand out. They are exceptional.” - John F.

“Their quality and dedication to excellent customer service, my clients have been thrilled with their work, and we are always happy to work with them.” - Mike F.

“He was personable, very neat, and got the job done. He did a fantastic job.” - Mike H.

“I'm a real estate agent. I use him for my personal business and for picky clients. Conor does a great job. He's on time, he's incredibly professional, and I've been very happy with him. I like his enthusiasm, and his skills are tremendous.” - Jessica S.

“The quality of work was without a blemish. They took the time to help me select colors. They are excellent. They are by far, the best contractors I've used on my house.” - Caroline C.

“Conor accommodated us, and his timing was great. The job was done to perfection.” - Joni S.

“They did what they said they would do. The work was done fine, and I didn't find that there was any runaround. Everything was straight-up.” - John L.

“I'm a repeat customer. I have always found them to be easy to work with. The jobs are always done in a timely manner, and for higher end work, he has very competitive pricing.” - Lori P.

“The work was top quality. He was always on time. My clients loved the finished product. I've used him for several jobs. If my clients are happy, and I am happy, that's all that matters.” - D.B.C.

“They were clean, efficient, and fast. Good work, I have no complaints.” - J.S.C.

“The quality of work and ability to get things done on time” - Dave T.

“They are excellent painters and do a great job.” - Ed D.

“He's got a good sense of humor. On a professional level, he does what he promises to do. There are no excuses. He gets it done when he says he will.” - Brian M.

“They were easy to work with. They adapted to my schedule, so they were very flexible.” - Anne L.

“I've used them for my business and for my home interior. He was punctual, courteous, and very clean. They were on time and everything went according to plan. If I changed my mind, he was very flexible to work with me on any budget.” - Jackie C.

“The workers were clean and professional. He completed the job within the time frame.” - Marcella M.

“They're easy to work with and they have a great attitude. Whenever I needed them to do something else they were responsive I was very happy with them. I think Conor and his crew are outstanding.” - Bill H.

“I have been a contractor for more than twenty-nine years, and these guys do a great job. They are very good at communicating and keeping their time tables. This is something that another contractor always appreciates.” - Brendan C.

“They were very professional.” - Elliot B.

“They have talented painters.” - Ken B.

“The quality of the work, and he finishes on time, so I have no complaints.” - P.K.C.

“The painter they assigned was responsible and conscientious.” - Roberta

“They were quick, efficient, and tidy. Overall, it was good work.” - Caroline M.

“He was very professional and showed up when he was supposed to.” - Mairead M.